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We are counting down the days to our launch in early August. We are making some final enhancements to the website before we open our doors to new members. The Freebird Club can't wait to begin, but we hope you can. Bear with us, we're almost there!

Please leave your name and email address and we will email you when we go live:

How does it work?

The Freebird Club is a social travel & home-stay club exclusively for the over 50's. It is a 'peer-to-peer' club, which enables members to travel and stay with fellow members, who have opted to make their spare rooms available for nightly rent.

To become a Freebird host or guest, you first have to become a member of The Freebird Club. To do this you simply click on the "JOIN CLUB" button at the top right of the page (it is not active yet, bear with us, we're almost there), provide some basic personal details, and complete a simple profile description about yourself. This provides you with a Username and Password with which you can log in to The Freebird Club website going forward.

Once you are a Freebird member, you can list your available accommodation by clicking on the "Become a Host" button on the top left of the page (not active yet). This brings you to a template where you upload photos of your home (and local area) and provide some standard information about your available accommodation and the price per night you wish to charge. You will then appear in the list of available hosts for guests who wish to visit your area.

If you simply wish to travel and be a Freebird guest, you can search for places you would like to visit, and find a selection of Freebird hosts with whom you could stay. Then it is a case of finding the most suitable host and accommodation for your trip. You can contact hosts directly in order to find out more information or to request a booking should you wish to proceed. It couldn't be easier!

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About The Freebird Club

The Freebird Club was established in 2015 as a social travel & home-stay club exclusively for the over 50's. It is an international 'peer-to-peer' membership club, whereby Freebird members who opt to become 'hosts' can make their spare rooms available to fellow member 'guests' to come and stay, based on a set nightly rate. Members who wish to travel can search for suitable member hosts in destinations near and far, knowing that a genuine, warm and personal welcome awaits them from a fellow Freebird Club member.

By creating a genuine community of travellers, hosts and guests, based on the principles of the 'sharing economy', The Freebird Club offers:
1. a whole new world of social travelling for mature adults
2. a new way of earning income in later life
3. a fun and accessible way to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy social and cultural interaction as you grow older

Our Founding Team

The founding team of Peter Mangan (CEO) and Nga-Hong Lau (CTO) bring significant experience, expertise and passion to the project. While both working in University College Dublin (Peter in Research Management; Nga-Hong in User Experience/Web Design), they came together over a shared interest in solving social problems associated with the ageing population. The team has recently expanded to include several bright young UCD interns as well as some wise older hands to steady the ship.

Peter Mangan - Founder & CEO

Peter Mangan

Founder & CEO


Nga-Hong Lau - Founding CTO

Nga-Hong Lau

Founding CTO


Contact Us

If you need help, or have any queries in relation to The Freebird Club, you can contact us by email: info@thefreebirdclub.com